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Christian Counsel Square

Christian Coaching

Whether you feel overwhelmed, can't figure life situations out, or you're hurting, GOD is there with you. I can help you find Him and connect you to His heart during your pain. You don't need to suffer anymore. He sees you. He is ready and willing to help you. You're not alone! 




Kate is extremely caring, thoughtful, and driven in her mission to help people. Immediately I felt at ease with her. She is caring, and compassionate and genuinely has a desire to bring you closer to God through her counseling. I would highly recommend Kate!



Sitting down with Kate is like sitting with a long-standing friend... you are comfortable and the conversation goes back and forth so naturally. Never feel intimidated or at a loss for words. She knows how to draw you out and notes what is worth remembering and questioning. I am very encouraged. And it's not just the two of us... I know my Heavenly Father is with us and is directing everything. Who could ask for more?


Kate is absolutely wonderful! She listens to you without judgment, but rather with an open heart to your concerns. Her strong faith and encouragement will lead you and guide you on your pathway through life with God by your side. I look forward to my appointments with Kate because I always feel so much better when I leave. If you need someone to talk to who shares the love of the Lord with you, Kate is the one to establish with. You will not regret it!

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