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Coach Kate Burie

As the youngest of four kids in a divorced family, I've seen my share of dysfunction, addiction, abuse, trauma, depression, parental neglect, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, early pregnancies, and the like. 


I spent years overcoming mental obstacles, and unhealthy coping strategies, learning from mistakes and bad choices, recovering my identity, implementing life skills, and finally taking hold of strength and perseverance to find purpose and direction.


With this newfound knowledge, I wanted to help others! At 40, I pursued my graduate studies to obtain the knowledge to bring all that I had learned to others in a personal, custom-tailored, life-changing way. 

As a Human Services Counsel & Life Coaching Masters level graduate of Liberty University, I am educated to offer various types of Coaching, including life, career, and wellness.


As a coach, I support clients who want to change, who are no longer satisfied with their lives, their relationships, or jobs, who are seeking to pursue their best life, who want to overcome limiting beliefs and learn new ways of thinking and behaving, and who are willing to take hold of the life they want to live. 

I specialize in helping individuals use their struggles to gain success.

As a graduate of Ramsey Solutions' Financial Coach Master Training, I am certified to offer Financial Coaching to help clients gain peace of mind, live debt-free, and take control of their money behaviors. 


I am simply the guide.


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