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Here at Open Door, we're dedicated to fostering holistic wellness in mind, body, and spirit through personalized coaching, artful expression, and movement! No matter if you're feeling swamped, grappling with life's complexities, or experiencing pain, remember you're never alone. Our approach integrates creativity to navigate through overwhelming emotions and thoughts. We're here to meet you exactly where you are, ready to support you every step of the way!


Let art be your medium for self-expression as we navigate through your emotions and thoughts in a secure, one-on-one setting. Paint, draw, sketch, and color as we explore topics such as life, stress, relationships, work, grief, disappointment, dreams, goals, marriage, family, kids, finances, current events, stepkids, and more. No topic is off limits, and all art materials are provided for your convenience!


Join me for a stroll and let's delve into life's intricate tapestry, discussing everything from stress, relationships, and work to grief, disappointment, dreams, goals, marriage, family, kids, money, and beyond. There's no subject too weighty or trivial for our conversation.

We use art and movement
to help us feel our feelings, express our emotions, and promote mind, body, and spirit wellness. 



As a Coach, I understand that sometimes you need a little assistance while you're working on getting things off the ground as a (newer) business owner. Good news for you my background for 15 years included website, design, and marketing. I draw on those skills to help my clients navigate their WIX websites, social media posts, graphics, flyer/card designs, promotional items, etc.

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