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Let art be your medium for self-expression as we navigate through your emotions and thoughts in a secure, one-on-one setting. Paint, draw, sketch, and color as we explore topics such as life, stress, relationships, work, grief, disappointment, dreams, goals, marriage, family, kids, finances, current events, stepkids, and more. No topic is off limits, and all art materials are provided for your convenience!

Sometimes simply stating what you’re experiencing isn’t enough. For emotions to move through

us freely, they must be accepted and expressed. Doing so enlivens us and fuels our creativity.

Fortunately, experiencing emotions directly through art is fairly simple – if you allow for the process. 

This could be done by drawing, painting, sculpting, music, movement, writing, drama, or whatever

creative means allows you to open up and bare your soul. You needn’t be talented or skilled at any

of these either. They are simply a means for expressing yourself. And each time you create a work of

art, you’re sharing new ideas, as well as different ways to express yourself.

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