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Join PHAT Fitness Wellness Group Coaching in January!
3-Months Group Wellness Coaching

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We exist to help you strengthen your mind, body, and spirit health through 






A free 15-minute consultation allows us to figure out if we are a good match. 


Benefits of Having a Life Coach
Coaching clients share the benefits of their experience.

I got much more clarity about my purpose. My coach helped me get a better understanding of who I am, and what skills and talents I have. This led me to my life’s meaning and purpose.

I was able to take on problems more effectively. My coach helped me focus on specific goals within the issue I was having and when we did the exercise, I could see what was holding me back and work to eliminate the obstacles. It gave me a fresh perspective and it brought success!

I learned how to be fully present. My coach taught me about mindfulness techniques that were significant for me. I am happier now and can focus easily on my goals. 

I learned how to set goals for myself and develop an action plan to see my goals achieved. They should teach this in school! 

My productivity has increased! My coach helped me establish some new routines and time structures.
This helped my easy distractibility. 

I have great self-awareness now. I learned how important it was for my personal growth and goal setting. My coach helped me uncover my thoughts and beliefs, strengths and weaknesses, and know myself a lot better. This has helped me make better decisions!!

I loved coaching because it gave me daily accountability!
I am a procrastinator and coaching helped me stay on task. I even accomplished some of my goals already! 

In coaching my thinking patterns were challenged. No one has ever done that before. I realized I had thoughts that restricted me. My coach helped me reframe my thinking to promote progress.

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