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How to respond and not react.


Time can be our best friend in triggered scenarios.

Gives our emotions time to down-regulate.

Objective Observation.

Acknowledgment of what is actually happening.

Stop getting lost in the stories we tell ourselves about what is happening.

Hover and explore/observe situations in a new way.

When we stop assigning meanings to triggers, we will gain space to choose a new response in the future.

Deep Belly Breathe.

It helps us focus on something.

It helps me not feed “story” that creates emotions more and more.

It helps regulate emotions to a calmer place where responses can be generated.

The Cleveland Clinic shares the benefits of diaphragmatic breathing including helping us relax, increasing oxygen levels in blood, and reducing blood pressure and heart rate.

It tells your central nervous system you are safe and it’s okay.

Forgive yourself

You will react again (you’re human).

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