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Signs Your Marriage Is Over

What are the true signs that your marriage is over? What are the signs that your marriage is not worth fighting for? Here are the true signs (according to us) that your marriage relationship is over.


The first sign that your marriage is over is when your partner is unable to stop putting their needs at your expense, even after you've communicated and tried to rebuild a healthier marriage and connection in the relationship, if their happiness constantly comes at your expense and you are feeling worse, you're feeling overwhelmed, and quite frankly only one person is existing in that relationship, the marriage is coming to an end. Ultimately a relationship or marriage will be unbalanced if only one person is happy, and that happiness comes and the other person's expense. So, if you can relate to this it is probably a clear true sign that your marriage is over.


The second sign that a marriage is over is when you can't seem to find a way to get out of the blame mode or the blame game and it's quite common for people to argue, fight, bicker, and criticize in any relationship because we have a tendency of getting frustrated and it's a lot easier to blame someone else than to take accountability for our actions. But when after years and years, week after week, day after day, you are criticizing and blaming the other person for your happiness and you are re-litigating past fights and living in the past it is a sign that your marriage is over.


The third sign is when one or the other party cannot seem to find any goodness in the other. And it's sad but I've seen this. I see this quite a lot towards the end of relationships or marriages where people are so consumed by their resentment and anger that they start to despise their significant other and they cannot even see one quality trait or attribute. And that unfortunately is very sad because clearly even though you may not be at a point where you can connect with each other, your partner has good qualities. They must. Because you fell in love with them and because all human beings have a tendency to have good qualities. Unless of course you're in a toxic relationship or you're married to a sociopath. So, if you cannot see any good in the man or the woman that you're with that is a clear sign that your marriage is over.


The fourth sign that your marriage is over is when your partner seeks to cut you off from your friends and your family, from the things that you love to do. And that extreme controlling behavior is a sign of toxicity and it's a sign that you need to make sure that you are aware of what's going on and that you're able to establish clear boundaries otherwise you're going to find yourself in a downward spiral very quickly.

YOUR PARTNER IS UNWILLING TO CHANGE AND THINKS YOU'RE THE ONLY PROBLEM Finally, the fifth sign your marriage is over is if you or your partner are unwilling to change, if you or your partner think that the other person is the only issue, it's a sign that your marriage is over because a relationship or a marriage is like a garden that needs to be constantly and continuously nurtured and attended to. And when one person gives up the garden will grow weeds and unfortunately, it is impossible to be in a relationship where both parties are not actively seeking to make it work.

Leave no stone unturned. Don’t take divorce lightly. Do all you can before you pull the trigger of separation and divorce. Seek help to ensure you make sound decisions and maximize your chances of being in a fulfilling healthy relationship with your spouse.

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